Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Criminal Defense Attorney

Nobody wants to be a criminal. Everyone knows it better that being a criminal will disturb one’s personal life. A person is terminated from the job. The society will start looking at him with questionable eyes. US laws against crime are very strict. The punishment of any type of crime is very severe. The fines of all the crimes are unaffordable.

A person indulges in any anti law activity just because of the prevailing circumstances. Either he deliberately does the crime or does the crime due to mistake.
A person kills anybody in an anger or dispute.
Once a person was going somewhere with his friend in a train. On the way a dispute among them occurs. In anger one of them kills the other person. He didn’t do the crime deliberately. In the similar way there was a person who was very poor, don’t have money for the treatment of his mother and also to fulfill the basic needs of the family. In order to meet all these requirements he shakes hand with the criminal.

Crimes in US are categories as under:
1. Federal Crimes
2. State Crimes

Federal crimes:

1. The drugs related crimes like-growing of marijuana and selling of drugs
2. Medical related crimes
3. Fraud in credit card, insurance, bankruptcy e.t.c.
4. Immigration and
5. Smuggling e.t.c.

State crimes:

1. Drug crimes- sale and possession.
2. Theft crime.
3. Alcohol and license crime-Driving or boating under the influence of alcohol or driving without the license.
4. Sex crimes– prostitution, child abuse e.t.c.
5. Violent crimes –kidnapping, robbery, assault, bribery, corruption e.t.c.

Crimes are held due to mental tension, depressions or under stress. If you are in the shackles of any of the crimes the first step you must do is to hire a defense attorney so that you may come out of the situation. There are so many criminal defense attorneys in United States from whom you can take help. But the condition is that you should have perfect and clear knowledge about an attorney who is going to assist you in the case. Your attorney must investigate about your case personally. Attorney must be fully aware of your case. Things will go positive if he always keeps in touch with you and informs you about the weak and strong points of your case. You also work according to the guidelines given by the attorney. Only then the best outcome can be achieved. The cases of the criminals are represented in state court and in federal courts. The cases in both the courts are serious matter. The winning of your case depends 100% on the attorney you hired.

During investigation by the state or the federal government you must refer to your attorney before giving any statement and do accordingly. DEA, FBI, IRS are some of the investigating authorities. Attorney who is looking after your case must be experienced in handling case in both prosecutions. While choosing an attorney one must keep in mind the following points:
1. Well qualified in laws.
2. Bold and confident while in court.
3. He should be a great actor in order to gain the favor of the jury and to convince him about his client’s innocence.
4. Has handled and won such type of cases.
5. Capable to find clues and facts.
6. Attorney must be honest with the clients.
7. Friendly with detectives, police, and other lawyers.
8. Lawyer should be bold and never be afraid of threats.


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