Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Federal Criminal Records - Background Checks Are a Must!

Are you an employer at any level? You could just be simply employing a nanny or you could be running your own company. Either way you need to know the federal criminal records of all the different people that work for you. This will save you a lot of headache and possible money in the future. Here is why you must get background checks done on everyone you intend to hire.

The first reason that federal criminal records checks are so important is because of the possibilities of hiring a convicted felon that will steal from you. It would not be a very fun day if you went into the office to find out that everything was gone or that you were missing a ton of cash. This could make you have to file bankruptcy and you could lose your business that you worked so hard to build from the ground up.

The second reason that you need to do background checks is for your safety and the safety of the people that already work for you. Imagine if you hired someone without knowing that they have a history of violence. Then, your best employee ends up in a scuffle with them or even worse ends up dead because you put them in danger. This can be avoided if you take the time to check the federal criminal records database by doing a background check.

The last reason for a background check is because you have a family that depends on you. What if you hired a nanny that was a convicted felon and you didn't know it? How would you feel if you came home from a night out and your home had been robbed of everything valuable? Even worse, they could hurt your children, which would just be a tragedy. This can be avoided if you take the time to do a background check to make sure you know who you are hiring before you hire them.


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