Wednesday, 18 March 2009

How to choose a federal criminal defense lawyer

While I hope you don't need one, here is how to go about making a selection. Assuming you're not a member of an organized crime family, in which case you probably have plenty of lawyers on retainer, you should start your search on the Internet.

The first stop on your voyage of lawyer selection should be to check out the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys. They have a website at: Any reasonably competent attorney that might handle your case is probably a member. f/freeform/publicwelcome?opend ocument
These lawyers aren't necessarily versed in Federal criminal defense, but they might do.

Next, now that you have an idea of what lawyers are around, stop by ry/criminal/federal_criminal_l awyer.html
and get some tips on how to deal with federal criminal defense lawyers. If you know some background on the business you usually get better service.

Finally, just to make sure you have as much working information as you can get, go to: http://criminal-law.freeadvice .com/ and read up on whatever crime you are being accused of. Knowledge is power, and in a Federal Court you will need all the power you can get.

After your introduction to federal law and the criminal defense lawyers available to you, apply this information to your personal situation. Perhaps one of your relatives or friends may have a recommendation?

Good luck and good defense.


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