Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Federal Witness Protection Program

Being involved in a criminal case where you are forced to testify against someone else can be a very frightening experience for anyone that is involved. There are many things that you may be worried about depending on what type of situation you may be caught up in. The US Federal Witness Protection Program can be one of the best ways to protect you and your family from any harm coming to you.

The Witness Protection Program is a program that was started by the federal government in order to protect any witnesses that will be an asset to the trial that is going on. This program helps to protect these witness before, during, and after the trial has been completed. The witness and their family might be in danger because of witnessing a crime and testifying against the person that did the crime. The witness protection program often comes into play when there is a trial for any type of organized crime. There are many different restrictions that are required if want to be placed into the witness protection program. If you don't agree to follow all of the guidelines that they set before you, they will not officially let you into the program. The first thing that you must agree to do is to testify at the trial of the person who is being prosecuted. If they think at any time that you will back out on testifying at the trial, then you will be immediately dropped from the witness protection program. The program is only for those who will keep to the deal that you make with the people in the program.

The next portion of the program is always the hardest for anyone to handle because it involves leaving behind your whole life including your family. Once you are in the witness protection program, you must agree to disappear of the earth. You will be forced to have no contact of any kind with any of your relatives including parents. You will also be forced to change your names and appearances. The overall goal of the program is to create a whole new life for you and your family to make sure that no one can recognize you. This is often the hardest for people because they are leaving behind their family and friends and can have no contact what so ever with anyone from their past lives. This is one of the sacrifices that you have to make to be in the witness protection program.

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