Wednesday, 18 March 2009

What You Might Not Know About Your Criminal Case

If you have been arrested and are facing trial, you need an effective criminal defense. In order to mount a viable defense against criminal charges and protect your rights, there are many important details that must be recognized and acted upon.

A thorough understanding of the laws that may come into play during your case is required. You should contact a criminal defense attorney if you are unclear about what laws could help or hurt your case and to find out about laws of which you may not be aware. To present a strong defense, you must not only know all relevant laws, but also know what they mean and how they may be applied in your case.

Another important aspect of any criminal defense is following the proper procedures. There may be important deadlines and your rights may be lost if they are not met. Some defenses may require advance notice and will not be allowed to go forward without providing notice. For instance, in most states, an alibi defense requires advance notice.

Criminal courts do not feel sympathy for defendants because they are not familiar with how the criminal court system works and offer no leniency for inexperience in criminal defense matters.

Criminal defense attorneys know to anticipate the prosecution's case and prepare accordingly. As a criminal defendant, you are entitled to certain information from the prosecution. Some of this information may help your case. However, in most states, you must request this information and do so in a particular form. The prosecution does not just hand over information - especially if it helps the criminal defense.

You may be able to challenge the evidence the prosecution presents. Challenges can be based on inaccuracies or such issues as how evidence was obtained, handled and stored.

Criminal cases can be very complex and have many variables. If you have been accused of a serious crime, it is in your best interests to consult with a criminal defense attorney in order to avoid mistakes that could cost you plenty.

Even if you have been arrested and charged with a crime you still have criminal rights. These rights mean you're allowed to speak with a criminal defense lawyer. I want to ensure everyone knows and fully exercises their rights. The first step is towards this goal is knowledge. I hope you never have to use these rights, but if you do, then knowing the laws will make a big difference


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